Firstly, I am a single woman that loves the Lord.  I have been married and divorced and can appreciate both married women and those that have been divorced.  I always wanted that “perfect marriage” with the “perfect husband” and a white picket fence and flowers growing in the beds and a nice green lawn with a puppy dog or two running around.  As I grew older I realized that really didn’t exist out there!  Well, bits and pieces of that fantasy did exist but not all in one package deal.  At least I have never found it.  I believe relationships are like my favorite flower bed… You mean I have to plant the flowers and water them!?  And weed the beds and fertilize and … wow… there is a lot more to “it” than I ever thought!  So, yes, I have learned a thing or three over the years.  The best and most rewarding thing that I am learning is how to walk with God daily.  My life has been quite the journey and as you read my daily devotionals you will see that I use stories of my past and present to relate to “God Things” and also every-day things.  After all, God is in our daily walk, whether we want to acknowledge Him or not.  He is always there!  It is a much sweeter journey when you realize His presence and grow from it. 

“After all, God is in our daily walk, whether we want to acknowledge Him or not.  He is always there!  It is a much sweeter journey when you realize His presence and grow from it. “

Although my mom is now in the presence of Jesus, I have a legacy of Christians in my family, My mother passed 1 month before my hers and dad’s 69th wedding anniversary.  He was very lonely after her death for a long 3 years. 69 years is a long time to be with someone. My father has remarried, at the wonderful age of 89. He married another great Christian lady and is no longer lonely.

I personally have been a Christian much of my life.  Although I have come from a long line of “Christians” and have been one most of my life, I have not “walked with God” most of my life.  At least not like I am walking with Him now.  I have found Him in the most wonderful way.  I believe God has given me a ministry to women because I personally have been through so much in my life from abuse, neglect, and just plain disrespect in relationships.  Some of this brought on by my own bad decisions and some from other sources.  Though all of that has left scars, God, in His loving kindness, has healed many of those hurts by His grace and mercy.  Believe me, I am one grateful lady!  God is so good, and I want to share as much of Him as I can to as many folks as I can! I am a member of Shady Oaks Baptist Church in Hurst, Texas.  I sang in the choir for several years until I had some sever sinus issues that has left my voice less than 100%.  I love worship music and the good old hymns that I was raised with.  I tell folks that I have sung since before I was born because my mom was always in the church choir and my dad was the Music Minister or Pastor wherever we were.  So, I have been drenched with music my entire life and it is in my blood!  Music cuts to the absolute core of my soul!  It can move me to tears of sadness or tears of elation quicker than anything I know.  The music that worships my Lord Jesus is my absolute favorite!

I have two dachshunds and they are my only children.  I consider them my 4-legged babies and I love them like they are.  They are both rescue babies and I also help with rescue organizations with placement of other dogs and kitties in shelters across this great nation of ours.  As I said both of my babies are rescues… although I am not sure who rescued who.  They have enriched my life so much!  My dad actually considers them his grand dogs… lol.

I have traveled a little bit in my life, whether it was a vacation when I was a child or traveling with my job or just driving around the country roads. I love this great country of ours!  I have been out of the country one time to Cancun, Mexico.  It was a wonderful trip, but I was thrilled to return to our homeland – the good old United States of America!  There is none like her and I love her!

One thing about me you will find out is that I strive every day to “Abide In The Vine” because apart from the Vine I can do nothing!  As you read my blog and become acquainted with me and my stories, I would love to hear from you any time. Whether it is a comment on the current devotional or something else.  I just want to share my God and how wonderful He is and how He has blessed my life!  You may already know, but sometimes folks need to be reminded…

“To taste of the grace of God is one thing;
to be established in it and manifest it in character,
habit, and regular life, is another.” 
George Goodman

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Thanks for visiting me and my blog!  I pray God speaks to your heart through the stories and posts I have to share.  God is such a Good and Loving God!  After all, He calls us His beloved.

In Him,
Leah L. Adams

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’ 
Romans 15:13

p.s.  this song is my prayer for every day.

River God by Nichole Nordeman