I began looking at all of the logs that I had in my pile of wood.  I sifted through them and found just the perfect one.  It had some knots and special characteristics that the others did not have.  And these special characteristics would add to anything I would create with the pieces of wood that come from this log.  I turned on my big saw , laid the log (small as it was) up on the saw and began.  I cut several discs from this one log , all varying in thickness.  They each had their own characteristics.  I carefully considered each one for my project.  I picked each one up and held it out to see what struck me.  If nothing… on to the next one.  I did this a few times and then I picked on up that made me take a second look and a third.  It was perfect!  As I looked at this somewhat round piece of wood I realized that this was not just a round piece of wood.  I instantly saw the creation before my eyes.  I saw a cute, interesting, little birdie.  I could see the beak and the eye and the plump little body that would delight anyone who saw it.  To me it even had a beautiful song.

I began the creation of this beautiful little bird.  I refined some of the shape.  Sanded and smoothed and sanded and trimmed.  And it was just about finished when a piece broke off.  OH NO!!  Not my little birdy creation!  I was almost finished!  I had to ditch this piece of wood and begin the search all over again.  I was so distraught because I had plans for my cute little birdie.

OK, you say… it was just a piece of wood.  Oh but it was “my creation” birdieand it was so special to me.  Any of you craft people out there can relate to what I am talking about and how I felt, I think.

I went back to the pile of wooden discs and began the process over again.  I sifted through several pieces then I picked it up!  Yep!  It was actually better than the 1st one!  So I began to create once again.  This one was so special I kept it for myself instead of selling or giving it away to someone.  She adorns a place in my bedroom and I smile every time I pass by her because of all I went through to get her.

Now this might be a bit of a stretch but here goes anyway… Genesis 6:6 tells us that God was sad at His creation – “man” – because man had become so debase and immoral.  The account says this:

“…And the Lord regretted that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him to His heart.” images

While listening to my Bible App recounting this story it came to life and now He was going to destroy the entire earth and every living thing on it, however, in verse 8 it says “… But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord…” And you know the rest of the story… Noah was the only one of the whole earth that found favor in God’s eyes.  I can’t even begin to imagine how God felt that His creation was “broken” and not “fixable”.  However, on the other hand, what an honor to know God in a way to find favor in His eyes and He spares your life and the life of your family!

The-Flood-With-Noah$27s-Ark-In-The-BackgroundLike I said, this was a bit of a stretch … and my little birdie broke as I was creating it.. and not afterwards.  Nonetheless it was sad and upsetting.  How much more… NO COMPARISON… was it for God when His creation was totally broken and without hope.  Grieved Him to His heart.  Now that’s grief!

All of mankind was recreated through Noah.  This was quite a daunting task for Noah and his sons, but apparently they were up to the task.  I am glad Noah found favor in God’s eyes and preserved the human being.  What a task Noah and his sons and wife and daughters-in-law had when they finally got out and stood on dry ground, but that is a topic for another

Thank You Lord for Noah and his faithfulness to You.  Thank you for allowing Noah to populate the earth and start over.  Thank you Lord for my life and place in this old world, and thank you for my little birdie that brightens my day.

Have you thanked God today for His love for you and His concern thank-you-lord_thumband care He takes in your life?  Sometimes we need to just STOP and say thanks – more than once a day – and definitely more than only  when things are going well for us.  Have you talked to God today?  He is waiting for you to call on His name… after all, you are His beloved!

The Video – Speechless – Steven Curtis Chapman

The Song –  Speechless  – Steven Curtis Chapman


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  1. Your story really made me stop and think what it was like for Noah and his family after the flood. Can anyone imagine coming off the Ark and you’re the only living human beings on the entire earth? Wow! So glad that Noah was in God’s favor. These words today made me think of all kinds of things!! Thank you Leah!! You’re doing a wonderful job with your blog!

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