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This is Easter and He Is Risen!  He Is Risen Indeed!

What a wonderful time for Christians to remember why we have eternal life with God and Christ.  If you are a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, then today, Easter Sunday, is a most special day.  It is the day that Jesus rose from the grave and defeated death forever! HeIsRisen

What exactly does that mean?  Well, if you believe and follow Jesus then when you die or if Jesus comes back before you die then you will go to Heaven with Him and live with Him in Eternity forever.  Some folks say… “Won’t that be mighty boring to live in Heaven and just live forever?”  Well, my answer is a resounding NO!  Why?  Because we were created, in the first place, to worship Him!  Yes, we were created by God to be His companions and to worship and serve Him. So living in Heaven for eternity will be wonderful.  Now, I don’t believe we will sit around and play harps on a cloud and just have nothing to do.  I am not sure what it will be but I know I will like it.

I was watching TV this afternoon and heard one of those street interviewers asking people if they knew what Easter was.  There were some answers that were doozies.  One of the saddest ones is a lady said that it was when Jesus was born.  WHAT!????!!!  When Jesus was born?  Really?  Oh My Goodness!  I wonder what she thinks Christmas is… when Santa was born?  This world is a sad place.  So many people have NO CLUE aindexbout who Jesus is and then for sure what He has done for them!  If they only knew.  Yes, He Is Risen!  He Is Risen Indeed!

As I was looking for pictures for this post, I ran across this one that is most interesting to me.  I have never seen a picture of what it must have been like when Jesus rose from the dead.  I know the face linen or napkin was supposedly laid separately from the other cloths that Jesus was wrapped in.  It is told that the face napkin was folded nice and neat at the head of the stone where he had been laying.  I have read that, in Jewish tradition, when you leave the table and plan to come back, you were supposed to fold your napkin and lay it at your place on the table when you get up.  The folded napkin signified that you would be back and the servants would not take the plate away.  However, to be honest, here is a website I really like for questions. and it talks about the supposed myth surrounding that tale.  Click here to read what has to say about this tale.

Anyway around it… this picture below is quite interesting to me and could have been this way.

The rest of the linen that He was wrapped in supposedly lay on the stone but I don’t think it is told how it was  … so this picture could very well be how Jesus burst forth from the grave!  I mean, after all… He had been to Hell and back – literally – and NOW HE IS RISEN!  Thank God, He Is Risen Indeed!

I think this pictureJESUS IS RISEN is a pretty good depiction of how He felt, for sure.

No one really knows and this is just my opinion, but it could have been.  Thank you God for what you did by giving Your only Son to die for our sins and then raised Him from the dead to live with You in Eternity!  I believe He is awaiting the time when You say, “Son, go get My children.”  Those words will be so wonderful to Him and His appearing in the sky will be so wonderful for us Christians.  Thank you, God!14695875a0fdd27dc2c4fb01eb3c6e47

You know God loves you so much!  He has given His only Son to die for yours and my sins.  Now Jesus is in Heaven awaiting you to accept Him as your Savior so you can live in Eternity with Him.  There is a way to live with God and Jesus in Eternity and this website (click the link) will help you understand what it means to be a Jesus Christ follower.  Remember, God loves you so much!  After all, He calls you His beloved.


Song and Video – Jesus Christ Is Risen Today

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As I sit here in my hotel room contemplating what to write about tonight, I remember back over the last year. You see my blog went online Thursday before Good Friday 2014. A lot has happened in the last year since I began this journey. This journey of mine began as I was working in a Call Center and making somewhat low pay. It did offer some good insurance and good friends regardless of the low pay. Another thing it offered me was time almost every night, if not every night, to write my blog posts. I haven’t worked there for about 2 months now and I have missed writing like I used to. You see, the new job that the Lord gave me is one I love and am so very grateful for, however, it does not afford me the time to write like I used to. I know the Lord was preparing me for this time in my life with my last job that I had for a little over two years. I grew a lot while I was there. Mostly internal growing. I learned more about following and trusting the Lord, knowing He had a perfect plan for my life. I just had to finally hand the reins over to Him and let Him lead me. I did (most of the time) and has the walking with Him been ever so sweet.

As I approach this weekend, looking forward to Easter, it won’t quite be the same as last year. Last year, I was able to go to my own church, sing in the choir and be a part of that whole worship experience for Easter morning. Oh how I love my church, the pastors and the folks in it. I have been there for almost two years, it will be two years in August. I have grown there as well.

The job I have now has me out of town at any given week and no telling where I am going to be. The past month and a half I have spent in the North West mostly. Washington state and Southern California. Today I left Southern California and 85 and sunny (almost warm) and landed in Portland Oregon and was welcomed by 48 degrees and rain. It is quite interesting and I do love it. I am headed down a path of somewhat knowns, but there is always a twist to every trip that makes for an interesting time. I never get bored and really don’t get lonely. I spend 2-3 weeks a month in a different city, different hotel, different vehicle, and a different location with folks I never knew before and may never see again. However, I never feel alone or lonely. I have always been a people person – thanks to my wonderful mom and dad that taught my brothers and me how to socialize and communicate no matter where we are. It is a gift that is sometimes just a God given talent and others have to work at it.via-dolorosa-ambigram

I met a young lady in my last location that had the prettiest smile and brightest outlook on life and was absolutely wonderful with customers. I told her what I thought about how wonderful she was with all the customers and she told me a little bit about herself. She told me that when she was young (she was pretty young to me now… lol), she was so painfully shy. She said that she could barely speak to a stranger. Then she got tired of not being able to talk to people and got tired of being so shy, so she made her mind up to come out of her shell and begin the journey of learning how to talk to people and converse. I commended her for that. She made a choice. She didn’t want to stay so shy because she realized how confining that is. So she chose to change. She chose to be different. With that choice, she is making a difference in people’s lives, even if it is just a bright smile and a “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome”. Yes, those two phrases are missed so often in this day and age. People have either forgotten how or were never taught how to say “Thank you” and “You’re welcome”.

There is another person that chose to make a difference in people’s lives. This person knew the journey He was going to make from the time He began. He knew it was not going to be an easy journey. It would be one with painful and joyful moments alike. A journey with folks that loved Him and folks that hated Him. Most of those, if not all, never really understood Him. The journey I am talking about would be that journey from the most perfect place, Heaven down to this globe of ours known as earth. The journey from the most perfect place to earth? Really? Then He would enter this world of ours as a tiny baby. Helpless and shriveled, crying and cooing. His mother, Mary, would wrap Him up in “swaddling clothes” and lay Him in a manger. She may not have understood her Son, but she knew He was a very special gift from God above.Mary-and-Baby-Jesus

As this baby grew up, He put His foot to another journey that would be totally misunderstood by the masses, yet He went anyway. He walked the dusty roads of his homeland and chose 12 men to follow Him on His journey. That journey proved, what seemed to be, the undoing of this Man they called Jesus. The road that seemed to be his undoing was the road to the Cross. Via Dolorosa. Literal meaning “a sorrowful way”. A sorrowful way it was if you just look at the surface. As Jesus walked the way to the Cross, He no doubt saw the people that had almost a week earlier been singing His praises and laying palm branches down as He passed by on a donkey and they were singing … (known as Palm Sunday as explained by

John 12:13

‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’
The King of Israel!”

Now, down this Via Dolorosa, thvia dolorosaey were shouting and cursing Him. Makes no sense to me or to most of you, I imagine, except that human nature is a fickle thing. Jesus, as He walked, with the weight of the cross and the sharp edges of the beams cut into the open wounds on His back… surely thought, as He looked into the eyes of the people lining the street, “I am doing this for you.” And “I love you so much!” Yes, what a sorrowful way, indeed. However, the story doesn’t end there! Yes, the end of the sorrowful way ended in the death of Jesus as He gave His life into the hands of the ONE that loved Him mhqdefaultore than we can imagine.

As today – Good Friday – ends for me, I think of that day. That sorrowful way and cry in my spirit and my eyes fill with tears and pour down my cheeks as I think of the pain and suffering Jesus endured for me. Yet, even tonight, He whispers to my heart, “… and I would have done it if you were the only one to do it for.” I cry even more. My Jesus, My Savior, My Christ. Saying Thank You is so little compared to what You did for me… for the world.

That journey You took for me and for the world changes everything. Because… the journey DID NOT END THERE! No!! Because, on the third day, the stone was rolled away and Up From The Grave You Arose! Halleluiah You Arose!  An empty grave is there to prove my Savior Lives!!empty-tomb

As I celebrate Easter in a strange church, in a strange city, in a strange state, I will be with people that have the same goal in mind – hopefully … to praise You for what You did for us so we can live with You forever in Heaven! Halleluiah what a Savior!

If you do not know this Jesus that I write about, please click here to read about what it means to be a Christ follower. To follow the One who walked that Via Dolorosa for you. Here is a link to and it will explain it very simply to you. Call out to Him today. He is waiting to hear from you. After all, He calls you His beloved.053-blood-300x300

The Video – Via Dolorosa – Sandi Patty



I do love rocks.  I have all kinds in my front yard around my flower bed and in my yard for stepping stones.  I have purchased some of them but many of them have been picked up along the side of the road or at construction sites.  I have stopped and asked the workers if I could have any left overs.  I have big ones, little ones and all sizes in between.  So I have quite a collection of rocks and I do love them!  Variety is the spice of my yard.

However, there is one “rock” that is a very special rock.  It is the one that covered the entrance to the tomb of my Lord and Savior – Jesus.  John 15:46   46 Then he bought fine linen, took Him down, and wrapped Him in the linen. And he laid Him in a tomb which had been hewn out of the rock, and rolled a stone against the door of the tomb. 47 And Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses observed where He was laid.”  The rock that was placed over the entrance was probably like the one in the picture.  It was rolled in place by more than one man because of its size.  So, were they trying to keep Jesus in the tomb or others out?  It is really irrelevant because no rock or anything else could hold Him in that tomb!  Jesus defeated death – see Acts 2:24!  God raised Him from the dead!

It was the custom to wrap the dead in linen.  John 19:40 – “40 Then they took the body of Jesus, and bound it in strips of linen with the spices, as the custom of the Jews is to bury.”  Another wonderful part of all of this is the linen cloth that they wrapped His head inJohn 20:7 “…and the handkerchief that had been around His head, not lying with the linen cloths, but folded together in a place by itself,  This is not a passing comment that was just added to the scripture.  The Jewish tradition at that time was this… The head of the household, when they left the dining table, would either crumple up his napkin, signifying that he was finished and the servants could then clean his place or he would fold it neatly, signifying that he was not finished and he would be back.   
TNAPKINhis is a BIG deal!  Jesus’ friends that found the empty tomb that day also saw the message He left them!  “I will be back!” And Praise God He will be!

All of this is just a part of the entire story of Jesus death on the cross, His burial and His resurrection!  It would do us all good to read this story again and understand and let it sink deep into our souls.  Jesus went through horrible torture and He gave up His life on that cross for you and me!  He was buried and on the third day AROSE!  He defeated hell and death!  He did all of this so we would not have to taste death!  Yes, maybe the death of this body here on earth but not an eternity separated from Him.  We can have eternal life if we believe in Jesus and accept Him as our personal Savior.  Jesus loves you and wants to spenHE IS RISENd eternity with you in Heaven!  Thank God that He made a way for you to do that!

If you have accepted Jesus as your personal Savior I am thrilled for you!  If you have not, seek Him today!  You can email me, or talk to someone at your church or a Christian friend.  Find out what Easter really means!  Have it come alive in your heart and soul!  It changes your entire life!   Listen to the song below.  It tells the story!

In His Joy!

Leah L. Adams

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’

Romans 15:12-14



I am doing something a little different today because of what day it is.  I have no comparison in my life to talk about today because there is none.  Today we “Celebrate” Good Friday.  It is a very solemn day in one way but a day of excitement and exaltation in another.  First the solemnness of today.

Today, 2000 years ago, is the day they beat my Lord and Savior beyond recognition and nailed Him to a roughly hewn cross with three nails.  We don’t like to talk about all He went through because it is not pretty, it doesn’t feel good and it is downright unimaginable!  He went through all of this alone because His friends deserted Him.  It was an excruciating experience and one that none of us could have probably endured, to say the least!  You know why He endured such agony?  Because of you.  He loved you even back then!  He knew you then and chose to die to have a chance at a relationship with you one day.  His death was one that we as Christians have a hard time understanding, I think, simply because we can’t imagine loving someone enough to do what He did!  The Prophet Isaiah told us in Isaiah 53 about what was going to happen to Jesus.  His prophecy was hundreds of years before this happened.  Here is a link to a website that tells us the various prophecies and the fulfillment of Jesus life, death and resurrection!

Now to the good part, the day is coming… yes it is almost here.  The day that we CELEBRATE!!  Celebrate His Resurrection!  Oh What A Glorious Day! That is the other part of what I mentioned in the 1st paragraph.  The excitement and exaltation!  Jesus died to save us and He rose again to justify us to Himself!  So we could spend eternity with Him!  Listen to the song!  It tells the story!  Yes, the work of the Cross was signed, sealed and delivered!  He has risen!

I will talk more about this in the next day or two until that day – Sunday – that we truly Celebrate!  Yes!  He IS risen!  Thank you Lord, for your sacrifice!

I’m His,  Leah L. Adams

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’

Romans 15:12-14

Oh Glorious Day