Well, I am finally able to sit down and write a post… oh my goodness… it has been difficult at best to find the time and mindset to do this. I had planned on writing this afternoon and it just wouldn’t happen. I have been gathering much information for my next post on the Prayer series… There is a lot to read about and figure out which is really following Biblical story line or someone’s idea of how they think it happened and even where it happened… Yep, there are folks out there that have their own ideas for sure. Nonetheless, I am gathering information and pictures and will be posting soon on the Split Rock at Horeb. It is a fascinating journey and the symbolism is wonderful.THE PEANUTS GANG REJOICES IN THE TRUE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS

Tonight, however, was an absolutely memory making night that I just had to share. Tonight’s events may be old hat for some but for me it was a first. As you have read before, I am a member of a wonderful church and the people there are absolutely some of the most welcoming folks I have ever met in a church. From the first day I stepped foot in the church 1 ½ years ago, it has been a blessing.

Well, tonight was the Church Choir Christmas Caroling party.  We all met at Garth and Vickie’s house (the Worship Leader and his lovely wife), dropped off all the food and then loaded up into 4 vehicles and took off to sing Christmas Carols to 4 elderly shut in folks. Oh My … it was so much fun and such a blessing to see the smiles and gleaming eyes when we started singing. There were 25 or so of us that stood out in the cool night air and sang the beautiful Christmas Carols to these lovely folks. I tell you what, I don’t know who was more blessed, the folks we were singing to or me. It was one of the loveliest evenings I can remember. The voices blended so beautifully and licima_da_conegliano_god_the_fatherlted through the night air and the stars danced above as we were Christmas Caroling. It was such a memory maker evening.

I think the best thing of all was the smiles on the faces and the sparkle in the eyes of the recipients of this wonderful night of harmony.  We all were singing with nothing held back. It was grand! I believe God even smiled and that was a blessing for sure!

The first lady at age 92, told us, after a couple of songs, that she was reminded of a time when she was a Christmas Angel in a Chinese Christmas Pageant. Her voice had excitement and her eyes had the look of that eight year old girl that was in that wonderful pageant as she told us that she had two sisters that were much prettier than she and they had beauxmas angel 2012tiful curly hair, but she was chosen because she was the right age. She just gleamed! After a couple of more songs she reminded those that remembered, that she had been a member of the church for quite a number of years. She never said how many but the previous Worship Pastor and her had joined at the same time… and the previous worship pastor was just a child when he joined, I believe that was the story… Anyway, Then we sang a couple more for her and wished her a Very Merry Christmas and on to the next one. Did I mention that she sang every song that we sang, and didn’t miss a lick. She was gleaming the whole time.

The next little lady was a very tiny lady that had a smile that would stop Rudolph! Picture3She was a pleasant lady that loved the songs, too. She complimented us on our harmony and just glowed with excitement as we sang. She too sang along with every song. She noticed that we brought Santa along and we all laughed because one of the Choir members looks just like Santa and actually does Santa gigs for various places. She thought it was a great touch. I noticed that many of the choir folks went up to hug her and personally wish her a Merry Christmas. I heard many of them say “I love you” and she responded in like manner. She has been a church member for many years as well.

The next folks had to stay just on the inside of the front door. The daughter held the door open a bit so they could hear the melodious tunes. She sat on her walker and her husband leaned over her and held her shoulders as we sang to our hearts content. I could see their smiles when we sang a song that was apparently one of thjingle bells with red boweir favorites. The Jingle Bells added a little bit of levity to the song Jingle Bells… obviously, and that made them smile and move their heads back and forth. Their son and his wife lived next door and they were out in the front yard with us and thanked us profusely for coming to sing for his parents. Again, the love of the Choir members and the love that I saw in the faces of the recipients was incredible.

The last folks we sang for were quite nice. The lady stepped out on the front porch first and then her husband came. Their puppy dog stayed just inside the door listening as well. I had seen them at church at one time, I think. I am not sure, but I think the Mr. may have been sick or had some sort of health issue because as we sang our hearts out I could see the Mrs. glance over at her husband with the look of “are you overdoing it, dear?” from time to time, but she never said a word and he didn’t seem to mind standing there listening to our melodies. He gazed over the crowd, shielding the bright porch light from his eyes, every now and then, so he could see the entire group. He had a stern face that would soften every now and then with the memory of the songs that we were singing. When we sang our last, they wished us a Merry Christmas and were almost sad to see us go. joy_to_the_world-e1354734985741They enjoyed the music so much and the Mr. asked “where did you get all these folks?” He had a smile that was from ear to ear and both the Mr. and Mrs. were absolutely pleased with all the songs we sang. Several of the Choir members went up to hug them and tell them they loved them. It was a very tender time for many of them.

Then after all of the Christmas Caroling, we headed back to the house where the food was… at least the folks in our vehicle were hoping there was some left, because the son, home from college, was left at the house. Lo and behold, when we arrived, there actually was food left. 1We ate some of the best “finger food” I have ever had and had a wonderful time of just visiting. We gave Garth and Patti (the pianist) their Christmas card and gift and I think they were both surprised. The two of them do a lot for our Church and Choir and we wanted them to know we appreciated them greatly! After that, we just had a fun time answering Trivia questions about Christmas. Garth was the Questioner and we had to answer. It was fun and informative. Not that I actually retained any of that knowledge though… it was just good fun.

So that was my memory making evening. Maybe not a monumental evening to some, but for me… well, it was because of who I was with. The Church that God led me to 1 ½ years ago has been a blessing beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Thank you all from Shady Oaks Baptist Church! The Choir, Sunday School and Congregation! You have all blessed me tremendously, just being able to be a part of your community. I am forever grateful for each of you! And especially for Julie… she drove the vehicle that I was in tonight. She tolerated six of us laughing and carrying on while she tried to follow the much to fast lead cars. And thank you Hurst Police for looking the other way as our caravan sped down Bedford Road tonight – I didn’t really see any Police, but if they were there, they must have turned their head because we were not going 35 mph! Oh My… but we made it safely, nonetheless.

That’s gonna’ wrap it up for me on this post. Thanks for reading my memory making evening events. It was priceless to me!



  1. I’m just somewhat behind in reading your blog Leah…thank you for sharing your Christmas Caroling memories. It was so much fun reading about all the people you met that night. It’s such a satisfying feeling when you partake in an activity like that.

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