I mentioned in the post “Walk Between The Lines” that there were 365 times that the phrase “Fear Not” was used in the Bible.  Here is the exact paragraph:

Now, the “Church”, the body of Christ, has forgotten some things about what God’s Word says.  “Fear Not” or “Don’t be afraid”, is the most used phrase in the Bible.  It is used 365 times.  You think God means it when He speaks “Fear Not”?  Here are a few scriptures from the New Testament that tell us not to fear:

Here is the correction:

Richard Wurmbrand wrote Tortured for Christ & founded Voice of the Martyrs. He was a Pastor in Communist Romania, and actively smuggled Bibles to Russia & hid Gospels in publications for the occupying Russian soldiers. He had always wondered why there were 366 times in Bible that God says ‘Do not fear.’ On Feb 29, 1948 he was arrested off the streets in broad daylight by the Communist police. Was tortured for his faith for many years. Ended up in America. He tells this in Tortured for Christ. 366 was because there needs to be an extra day included for leap year. That was the day he was captured – Feb 29.

I just wanted to correct my post and now you know the “rest of the story”. 

Our God thinks of everything, doesn’t He?  I guess it’s because He loves us so much!  After all, He calls us His beloved!

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