Before I get started with the post, I want to mention something that I posted in yesterday’s post – This is yesterday’s post – “PRAYER – MOSES THE SHEPHERD AND GOD“.  It was a quote from another website and after thinking about it today and talking to mom and dad about it, well, it is an incorrect statement. Or at the least, I misunderstand totally what they are trying to say. It is from the article “Moses in Egypt, and Moses in Midian” and is from this magazine – “The Christian’s Friend” which is on the website STEM Publishing (Sound Teaching on Electronic Media) Here is the quote…

Moses was an eminent type of the Lord Jesus. And I would just notice, in passing, that they are the only two persons mentioned in Scripture whose course we are able to trace from their birth on to the glory.”

I don’t know if any of you thought about that statement today, but at supper mom and dad and I came up with a few more folks that we can trace from the cradle to the gates of glory. I like to make a correction of any error I have made or find that I have posted. Here is a very short list of a few folks that we thought of:

  1. Isaac
    1. Born – Genesis 21:1-3 – And the Lord visited Sarah as He had said, and the Lord did for Sarah as He had spoken. For Sarah conceived and bore Abraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which God had spoken to him. And Abraham called the name of his son who was born to him—whom Sarah bore to him—Isaac.
    2. Dies – Genesis 35:2929 Isaac breathed his last and died and was gathered to his people, an old man [a]of ripe age; and his sons Esau and Jacob buried him.
  2. Jacob
    1. Born – Genesis 25:26Afterward his brother came out, and his hand took hold of Esau’s heel; so his name was called Jacob.[a] Isaac was sixty years old when she bore them.
    2. Dies – Genesis 49:3333 When Jacob finished commanding his sons, he drew up his feet into the bed and breathed his last and was gathered to his people.
  3. Joseph
    1. Born – Genesis 30:2525 And it came to pass, when Rachel had borne Joseph, that Jacob said to Laban, “Send me away, that I may go to my own place and to my country.
    2. Dies – Genesis 50:2626 So Joseph died, being 110 years old. They embalmed him, and he was put in a coffin in Egypt.
  4. Moses
    1. Born – Exodus 2:1-2 – And a man of the house of Levi went and took as wife a daughter of Levi. So the woman conceived and bore a son. And when she saw that he was a beautiful child, she hid him three months.

There may be more… if you come up with any, let me know and I will make an addition to my correction. I would be interested to know what you think of. I am just not certain what that person meant when he made that statement. But it was a LONG time ago (1874) when the article was written… but if a scholar, he should have known… ???   Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks for bearing with me.

With that said and out of the way, I will say this… I am going to take another day to gather my thoughts about Moses’ conversation with God in the Burning Bush. Tomorrow is Sunday and a day of rest. I will put together a post for Monday morning for you and it will be about their conversation and God’s mission for Moses. Thank you for understanding…

Below is a compilation list of some of my favorite songs that I have posted.  I know… I just counted them… 23 of them.  I told you I love music!  Just click on any of the songs to listen.  Thought you might enjoy!





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