Let me say that this is another one that I wrote before I had my blog. It is a good one and had to share it!  Enjoy!

There are times when I am doing something here at the house and it reminds me of the Christian walk.  Just the everyday stuff.  Let me explain.  I was sitting at the table one afternoon with the back door open and mom and dad were on the back porch enjoying the beautiful 1st Day of Spring.  I was snapping green beans getting them ready to cook.  I had almost waited too long to do this and some were a little too far goGREEN BEANS-GOODne to even consider GREEN BEAND-BADcooking and others were ok and some were still plump and good.  As I sat there snapping off the ends of each bean, and throwing it into the pot God gave me a thought… “These beans are a lot like us in our Christian walk.”  And I will explain more…

Before we accepted Jesus we are in the world and we are just going about our daily business not really thinking of anything else but our own agenda.  I made a comparison in this way:  The first kind of people in the world are seemingly past the point of being useful in this world for anything, much less doing work for the Lord.  The second kind of people are pretty OK and they are “good people” and are trying to live right and “do good”.  Then the third kind of people are the ones that just falSOUP KITCHENl right into place with the Lord’s work and go great guns.  Now you would think that the first kind of person would never be able to do the Lord’s work because they are too far gone and certainly the next kind of person would probably be OK but you have to wait and see and the third kind of people are wonderful and useful and thriving in their walk with the Lord.  Now some of all of these kinds of people can and will be used by the Lord in one way or the other.  Why?  Because God is God and we are not.  He can use even the seemingly “lost forever” person in a way that helps others or helps themselves.  However, sometimes that “lost forever” person may not actually ever come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ but he has affected someone along the way to turn their life around and start living for the Lord.  God can use anyone at any time and I have seen it many times in my life.

Now back to those beans… after I cooked them and was taking them up into jars for storing, I noticed there was one that I had thought was good.   It was about the same length of all the others and was plump and full like the others, however, it had some really dark spots on it that looked like it was bruised or something.  The dark spots were not just on the surface but seemed to go completely through the bean.  I was surprised because I thought I had put all the “good” ones in the pot to cook.  This one was surely not good and I tossed it down the disposal.  Now back to the comparison… some folks look nice, smell nice and do nice things but when they are put into the “fire” so-to-speak, their true nature comes out and have to be removed from the mix so as not to contaminate the rest of the group.  This is a hard lesson to learn if you are watching this.  Because the person being removed never really “gets it” and is totally indignant about why they are ostracized from the group.  Then there are some that just shrug it off and go off to look for their next prey.  The lesson to be learned here, I believe, is to be careful who you welcome into SATANyour “group” because as it states in the Bible,

1 Peter 5:8  “8 Be sober, be vigilant; because[a] your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 


We as Christians want to think that everyone is good and that we can help if they have problems or need assistance in some way.  I know!  I have lived it!  It just ain’t so though!  God does not expect us to “fix the world”.  He has already provided The Solution to do that.  His name is Jesusprinceofpeace13_thumb1Some people accept Him while others totally reject Him and accept other “things” or “people” or “religions” or “practices” to worship.  If you know Jesus and strive to walk with Him daily, He will bring people into your life or across your path (and sometimes it is right in your own family) that you wonder why in the world are they there… They are just a “problem” to you.  They are like sand paper against your skin.  However, you can trust His plan to help you with whatever He places before you.  I said He will help you!  Not that you have to fix or figure it out all by yourself!  Some are to be in your life and others are to be an example as how NOT to be.  Trust God and His plan.  His plan is perfect for you as a Christian seeking how to “live in the world” and not be “of the world”.   If you have questions, talk to God.  He is waiting to hear from you His beloved!

Jesus prayed a beautiful prayer in John 17:6-19 for His disciples.  He asked God to protect thJESUS PRAYS 2em “in” the world.  Verses 15 and 16 it say this: “15 I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one.”  God knows we have to live in this world but He expects us not to be “of” the world.  There is a big difference.  If we keep our eyes on Him daily, read or listen to His Word daily and pray daily, we can stay connected to Him and be fruitful as purple-grapes-vine-7He said in John 15:5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” Stay connected and be fruitful!

This Song – Release Your Power – First Baptist Church of Euless, Texas – Choir w/ Kim Noblitt



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