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My Mother! She Loved, Gave and Served her Whole Life, to the Glory of God.

The 2nd Mother’s Day without My Mother

You ask… what happened to the 1st?  I was in such a fog last year.  All I know is this is the 2nd Mother’s Day without my mother.  I didn’t think I would make it through the 1st Mother’s Day and here I am almost a year and a half after her departing to that Blessed Place.

Mom AdamsNot Your Average Mother

I think of her daily.  I cry almost every day for her smile, laugh, touch.  She, of course, wasn’t your average mother.  And I am aware that every daughter and/or son of a “good” mother says this and sometimes they even say it of a not so good mother.  Nonetheless, I believe that she was a very special and oh so not average mother.  She touched people’s lives in a very real and powerful way.  She met people where they were and accepted them.  She always wanted to give.  Share.  Help them to feel comfortable, safe, loved.  Many ladies I know, that had never even met my mother, were touched by her love and sharing and servant’s heart.  She wMom Adams @ Christmasould always crochet little trinkets every season.  Rabbits and Crosses for Easter.  Pumpkin faces for Halloween.  Crosses and Santas at Christmas and so many other things throughout the year.  I always had a basket full to take to church for my ladies in my Sunday School class.  They all seemed to be touched by them, too!

Mom In Every Room

I moved mom and dad up here from Southeast Texas in May 2009 to live with me, so it has been especially hard since she’s been gone.  The house is her.  I see her in every kitchen utensil I touch.  In every towel I fold.  In the recliner that was hers.  Oh, how I miss my mother.  Her laughter would fill the room when I acted like the dove at the striking of the bird clock at 4:00 pm.

Sunrise, Sunset

She loved the sunrises and could see them from her chair.  She was always quick to tell me how pretty the sky was and I better hurry if I wanted to seeSunrise it.  She would sometimes quote a little phrase that is years old… “Red Sky at morning, Sailors take warning.  Red Sky at night, Sailor’s delight.”  So, if it was a red sky in the morning, she would tell me so.  If not… it was just a beautiful sunrise.  She knew I loved sunrises, too.

Texas Wild Flowers and Christmas Lights

Mother also loved the Texas wildflowers this time of the year.  I would drive her and dad around to look at the beautiful canvas that God had created that year.  There would be aMom at Christmas w/ Zuckie quick, “Oh My!  Look at that!”  and we would all look and oooo and ahhhhh over the next sea of beauty swaying in the wind.  This year, she would really love it!  The wildflowers are in such abundance.  Like I have never seen in all my years!  Something else she always loved was to drive around at Christmas time and see all the lights.  The ooos and ahhs that came from our vehicle definitely showed our love for the lights, too.

She’s Waiting

Well, this year is definitely different in more than just the extra abundance of Texas Wildflowers.  I am truly feeling her absence.  Last year I think I must have been in a daze because I don’t even really remember Mother’s Day.  This year, I feel thMom and flowerse emptiness of the house.  The lack of her beautiful smile and dancing eyes.  The fullness I felt when she told me she loved me and the warmth that came from her hand and heart when she reached out to touch my face.  Her hugs were the very BEST!  You could feel the love down to your toes!

So, this Mother’s Day, Mom, know, as always, that I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!  You are desperately and deeply missed and thought of every single day … many times a day!  I will see you again and that can’t be too soon!  I expect a dance down that main street of gold in that Blessed Place we call Heaven or better yet… where we call “Home” for those of us that know Jesus the Son – our Savior!  The One who took our place in punishment for our sins.  Our Home with Him. That is very hard to fathom.  I bet when you look into His face, you just break out in exuberant song and unending praise!  I can’t wait to join you in that exciting time.  To have you hold my hand as we praise the One who loved us first, will be heaven in another way!

Thank you, Mother!

Thank you for being just the wonderful one thatMom and Dad God made you to be.  I feel like I am the most blessed daughter on this old planet – NO … in the whole Universe… to have had you as my mother!  Until we meet again, I will continue to live here honoring you and your legacy!  I love you so very much and miss you so much more!  I will see you soon!

Your daughter,
Leah Lyn

Mother’s favorite song that Dad sang at her memorial is following.   This, however, is not dad singing but George Beverly Shea.  Please take a few minutes and listen.  She called it The Angel Song.  But the actual name of the song is:

Holy, Holy is What the Angels Sing




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