Recently we were told at work that we can no longer draw or write between calls. We are not allowed to have any work on our desk unless it is company specific. This was a devastating announcement to those of us that love to draw or write during the day. Nonetheless, we comply or get written up. Yep, it was very upsetting. So, I prayed about it and all I heard was… “You respect your company’s policies. I will continue to provide and you will have plenty to write about away from work.” So… with “the word” from above, I just accepted it and am making the best of it. It is a bit difficult to sit there and just look at the computer screen until a call comes in. However, with that said, luckily we don’t have very long between calls, so it’s not that bad. There has definitely been some definition and boundaries placed on us all at work.  I still have my thoughts and pray anytime. They can’t do anything about that… lol. Anyway…

One day recently, I was sitting at work before I got on the phone and was kind of doodling on a piece of paper. I was trying to make a sign to put on my cubicle wall to remind me of God’s goodness. I took one of my many highlighter markers and wrote “God Is Good His Love Endures Forever!” on one of my lined sticky note papers. I just wrote it with a green highlighter marker so it kind of blended in with the blue green paper. I looked at it for a few seconds and thought it didn’t stand out enough. I then picked up my purple ink pen and outlined each letter and the exclamation point. GOD IS GOOD 2WOW… what a difference that made. I sat back and looked at it again and liked it. It wasn’t fancy at all. No vines, no flowers, just words. Then I heard Him… “God gives definition to your life.” I immediately made the connection… the lines that I outlined the letters in were representing God and the letters were my life. By outlining the letters it made it stand out and gave it definition! Maybe also, gave it boundaries. Yes, that’s another thing. Boundaries. When you are a Christian, there are boundaries. Definition to your life and boundaries. If there were no boundaries there would be chaos. Not ordered chaos either… total chaos. I have lived like that before… and I do not … DO NOT … want to do that again!6

God gives His creation definition also. The tiny little lady bug on a flower bud, the beautiful leaves of an Elephant Ear plant, the beautiful Bluebonnet flower with its wonderful little pods of color and the old Mesquite tree all have their own definition and boundaries. They are wonderfully engineered witI AM THE WAY THE TRUTHh the most perfect definition.

Jesus spoke definition and boundaries in His life.  “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.  No man comes to the Father except through Me. ” John 14:62





I really like the definition and boundaries that are in place in my life now. Seems my life had no real definition before. I just went through the motions and I don’t recall ever really having a purpose. I now have purpose and I know where I am going… as far as my walk with God. I look forward to every day to see what He will reveal to me that day. Anticipating that there will be something along the way. TREEAbiding in His Mercy and Growing in His Grace… daily… moment by moment. Also, that is the title of my new book that I am in the process of writing. The journey I have been on is an amazing one. God is Good and His Mercy Endures Forever!

I do hope you have a relationship with God. He is a wonderful friend and companion. He wants a relationship with His people. We are His people. He created us and has known us from before we were born – as the scripture from yesterday’s post states (Psalm 139) – a lovely Psalm of David. God is waiting to hear from you. He loves you and calls you His beloved. I challenge you today to reach out to God. Talk to Him about your thoughts and ideas. He already knows them but you talking to Him about them will help them seem even more real. He will not go where He is not invited. Talk to Him today. He’s waiting to help you find that definition to your life.

The Song – Amazed – Worship and Praise Song by Jared Anderson

The Video – Amazed – Worship and Praise Song by Jared Anderson

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