The stage was set, the house lights were down, and everything was quiet in the sanctuary.  Everyone was sitting in their seats with great anticipation and excitement and there was a hush over the room.  The Orchestra began playing the intro and the excitement began to build.  Everything seemed somewhat ordered excitement but calm.  If you walked just 10 feet behind the walls of that sanctuary on either side, front and back, you would find a different story.  The hub bub of activity would surprise you.  There were children, adults and animals.  Yes, they were waiting their turn to enter into the story of Jesus!  Yes, Jesus and all the people that surrounded Him in His short 33 years here on earth.  There was the woman from the well, there was Peter, Paul, Matthew and Mark.  MARY AND JESUSThere was even Mary, the mother of Jesus and Joseph the Carpenter!  Oh my!  You were suddenly taken back 2000 years when you stepped outside the sanctuary walls!  It was amazing!  It was one of the most exciting times I can recall during my time at Calvary Baptist Church, in Beaumont, Texas.  I was involved in this Christmas time depiction of Jesus’ life.  We would hold many performances, although John Griffin (the Worship Pastor) didn’t like it to be called a “performance” and it truly was not.  It was such a real experience and John Griffin and the folks in charge of the Christmas Pageant were pretty intent on making it NOT a “performance”.  So, all that ordered chaos behind the walls produced a wonderful, exciting time in the sanctuary.  It was hard not to believe some of these characters in this play were not the real ones!  We had wonderful make-up and the clothing was so authentic looking!  This will always be a wonderful memory and I hold it near and dear to my heart!

There is another type of chaos, though, that is not so much “ordered chaos”.  It is one of the person’s heart that has not come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  JESUS CALMING STORMHe alone can make that chaos a peaceful, calm place.  Knowing Jesus on a personal level can change the sinner’s heart in the blink of an eye!  He alone can calm the storm that rages inside one’s mind and heart when you have no peace.  Philippians 4:7 in the Bible, says He offers a peace that is beyond our understanding.  Even through some of the worst times in my past I knew He would see me through that storm of life and I was going to be OK on the other side of it!  I say that I knew, but it was not a conscious knowing, because I honestly don’t know how I made it through some of the days and nights I went through.  During that storm of life,  I didn’t have the mindset I do today on this side of the storm.  But somewhere deep inside, my spirit knew.  My spirit was interceding to the Father for me and that peace was there, although it was deep inside.

There are times that I have heard a non-believer say that they had peace and felt fine.  But I know He alone can calm the storm and when He calms the storm, the storm stays calm.  Oh tContentment Philippians 4hat is not to say that there aren’t times of loss, or times of sadness and maybe even a little craziness!  That is a part of life in this sinful world.  But there is a peace inside that gets you through all of that, if you know Jesus.  Do you have any kind of unsettledness in your life today?  Have you asked Him to calm that storm?  Jesus will not go where He is not invited.  Talk to Him today.  He is waiting to hear from you!  After all you are His beloved!

The Song – Sing of Your Great Love – Darlene Zschech


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