This post will be a shorted version of the one I will do for Monday. I will not be doing a post for tomorrow (Sunday). I will post this table and then expound on it on Monday’s post. Tomorrow is Sunday and I will be taking a little breather tonight from posting tomorrow morning.

The last post about Moses and Aaron was about how the Israelites “heard” the Word of The Lord that Aaron and Moses brought them and their reaction. They “bowed their head and worshiped”. Here is the link to that post if you missed it “PRAYER – MOSES, AARON AND THE ISRAELITES”.

As I said I will post more on the following information on Monday. Here is a table of the ten plagues.

Scripture Passage The Plagues
Ex 7:14-25
  1. Water of the Nile turned to blood (even the water in wood and stone vessels)
Ex 8:1- 14
  1. The plague of frogs
Ex 8:16-19
  1. The plague of lice/mosquitoes
Ex 8:120-24
  1. The plague of the mixture + *
Ex 9:1-7
  1. The plague of that caused the death of the Egyptians’ livestock +
Ex 9:8-12
  1. The plague of the boils
Ex 9:13-32
  1. The plague of the hail +
Ex 10:12-20
  1. The plague of the locusts
Ex 10:21-23
  1. The plague of darkness +
Ex 11:1-8; 12:29-32
  1. The plague of the death of the firstborn

+  the five plagues that did not affect the Israelites (8:16; 9:4, 26; 10:23; 11:7).

*  the precise nature of the 4th plague is not clear. The Hebrew word for the fourth plague is arov / arob, a noun based on a Hebrew root meaning to mix, thus yielding a word that means mixture ( Interlinear Bible: Hebrew-English, vol. I, page 160; Briggs-Driver-Brown Hebrew Lexicon, page 487).

Scripture does not identify the nature of the fourth plague; it is only noted that it was a mixture. It is possible, however, to suggest what the fourth plague may have been from observing the pattern of the other plagues that seem to progress in pairs:

  • Plagues 1 and 2 came from water: the water of the Nile turning to blood and the frogs came from the water of the Nile (Ex 7:28; 8:3).
  • Plagues 5 and 6 were caused by disease.
  • Plagues 7 and 8 came from the sky (9:23; 10:13).
  • Plagues 9 and 10 were the absence of light and the absence of the light of life; darkness in Scripture is often a symbol of death.

If you click on the following picture, it will expand and be clearer to read.

exodus_plagues1Thank you all for understanding… I look forward to bringing you more on Monday.

The Song – I Cry You Care – David Phelps



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