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Hello Baseball Fans

Hello Baseball Fans.  This is going to be a different kind of post for me so get ready!  I have recently helped a friend with a new website.  He is a baseball historian and he wanted to Honor the Black Ball players of yesteryear.  Sports-Trivia-1920-Detroit-Stars, Hello Baseball Fans

He and I built a website that does just that too!    Please let me introduce you to Bob, The Baseball Man, Bob May.  He has been a Baseball Historian for many years and is also an author.  Here is his new website that is only for honoring the Black Ball Players from long ago.  Please take time to check this out and read his articles and history information.  There is a lot of GREAT information on this website.  He knows his stuff when it comes to baseball, for sure!  You can find his book there too!  The Best Season – The First Ninety Games.  Also, you can purchase that same book from his website.  Please take your time and enjoy!

So, here is the link to the best website that honors our Black Ball Players from yesteryear.


Black Ball Players, Hello Baseball FansI  know you will enjoy reading all about the wonderful accomplishments of those players.  Please feel free to leave Bob a comment or two on the pages that are there.  He would love to hear from you and hear your opinion of each one.