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Wishing you HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2015!

This past year – 2014 – has been quite a proving ground for me in many areas.  I have felt stretched and blessed in so many ways.  This blog that you are reading has been such a blessing to me and I hope you as well. meaningful-christian-happy-new-year-greetings-2 I have learned a ton of great information through my studying and digging for information for my posts.  The Bible is such a wonderful Love Story from our Heavenly Father.  I feel so blessed to have it to study and learn from.

I do hope this upcoming year is one of blessings and showers of Mercy and Grace from God above.  This short post is to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR and the best New Year that you have ever had and I pray that you will continue to be blessed by the posts here on Abiding In The Vine.

May God Bless and Keep you in His tender care.  He loves you so much… He calls you His beloved.Happy New Year 2015 Hot Colors On Black Backgrounds