The other day I had a few extra minutes before I had to pick a friend up and I noticed that there was some construction going on behind his building. I’ve always been interested or fascinated with large equipment… Such as Tonka type of equipment… Large earth movers etc. So, I was fascinated with three large pieces of equipment doing their thing – moving earth and stuff. There was a lot of dirt and a bunch of what used to be trees and shrubs.

The three pieces of equipment were a big tractor with a big scoop, a small pusher type tractor and a big tractor with a big claw.

The scoop was scooping up dirt as fast as the little pusher could push some his way. It was pouring the scooped-up dirt into one of many in a long line of dump type trucks. It took two scoops and then the truck was off and the next one pulled into place for his load. It was being hauled off to somewhere to be used in a much more productive place than in the back part of this piece of property.

The claw is what I was most fascinating with. It would pick up the mangled and broken pieces of trees, sticks and stumps and then toss it to another larger pile of broken pieces. But before it would toss it to the other pile it would open and close the claw quickly as to shake off as much as a good rich dirt as possible before they were thrown into the pile to be discarded.

I sat there mesmerized by the process and began to have some feelings that this wasn’t just a pile of broken pieces of trees in piles of good rich dirt. There was a message in all of this activity for me. I just needed to figure it out and find out what God was trying to tell me through this process.

So many times, in my life, God has spoken to me through this type of scenario. Something that just seems like a regular scene … Construction scene, birds on a wire, sunset or sunrise, clouds in the sky… You get the picture, so many different things and so many times I hear “take notice – there is a message in this for you.”  Sometimes I just dismiss it as if it was just my imagination.  Other times I really stop and try to figure it out.  This was one of those times.

I began to search for God’s message or lesson amongst all of this earth moving activity. Then I heard it. I began to see myself as the dirt and the “process” as my life and how God was the One who was picking up the pieces of the trees, sticks and stumps. Shaking off the “good rich” soil (me – because I am his child) and separating the broken pieces from it. The broken pieces of “stuff” symbolized all the brokenness in my life, my sinful ways, divorces, lost friendships, the death of a loved one, loss of jobs, etc.  so, seeing the claw separating the broken pieces and throwing them into the larger pile of the same, and to be separated from the good, rich soil forever so that the good rich soil could yield a much more profitable life of its own, created some emotions. Also, it made me realize that it is very painful sometimes, to have those “things” separated out of your life, for a season or forever.

Then, there was a little earth mover. He was pushing the good rich soil into an area for the scooper to put into the trucks to be taken away to be used in a better way, in a better place.

But … Back to the dirt in the broken pieces place where it was being separated … After picking up the broken trees, sticks and stumps and tossing them, the big tractor with the claw moved to another pile in a little while and yet there was more to be removed from the first pile… That’s where I came in. I thought… “Wait, you’re not through over here. Don’t move to the next one. There still more broken trees, sticks and stumps to do here.“  But the claw had a different idea and mission. 

I actually began to tear up – realizing that dirt is me… Still having much more to “clean up“ – but it’s not time for all of it to be done yet. It’s a process. A process that I am unhappy with sometimes. But when I step back and try to look at the bigger picture, I still see a smaller picture, but I do see a beautiful process. God doesn’t “do it“ all at once. He says… “It’s a process my child. I will always be here with you, But it’s a process.”

AND It will be a process…
Until we see HIS FACE!!! 


The pile of broken trees, sticks and stumps have been ground into a pile of mulch.  That tells me that even the seemingly bad things that God removes from my life have been or can be used for good.  Just as His Word promises. After all, He calls us His beloved.

28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28

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