“I’m waiting for my instructions”. “Instructions are: You fix it, I will eat it”.

As I sit here and wonder why God spoke to my heart when I overheard my mom and dad recite these words this morning, I think of all the other things that He reminded me of throughout the week. I can just be doing anything and see a butterfly, or hear the wind rustle through the trees or… this time of year, hear he cicadas singing in the trees… I will get to that in a moment… and I think of how wonderful God is and how He cares for us.

First I want to bring your attention back to the conversation I overheard. This phrase, that were lovingly spoken by two people – that had no idea I was paying attention – is but one of many that I overhear these two folkDSCN0777s saying. You see, most of you may know, my mom (86) and dad (84) live with me, and have for 6 years, and it has been quite a journey. It has been a blessing to have them share my life and me theirs. They have been married for 67 years. 67 YEARS! That is a long, long time. You just don’t find that kind of commitment these days. Today many folks get married with the thought in mind that “if it don’t work out, I can always get divorced.” That attitude permeates the young and old today. Instant gratification and throw it away when you don’t see any use for it any longer.

My mom and dad have been through so much “life” and have come out on the other side as survivors of it all. Through sickness, personal trials, natural disasters and heart aches, yet there was joy, happiness, peace and love. LOVE… that is what makes it all go around! Love is how they have survived 67 years together. Firstly, love for our Heavenly Father and secondly love for each other. Even though they h65th Anniversayrad some problems, there was always that bond of love. I am so thankful that they taught us kids this. To love our Heavenly Father first! Then each other – family second and I forgot… hard work in a job. That is another thing that some of the young folks – and I guess some of the older ones too – don’t really appreciate, is a job. For me, it is being without a job that brings to mind how important it is to have one. Even a low paying one in a call center – like I had for 2 years and 3 months. So… back to the Love… That is a grand thing to have love in your family. Loving and caring for one another covers a lot of bad. We may not agree on everything in our lives but we do love each other greatly!

So, back to that conversation I overheard. Mom: “I’m waiting for my instructions”. Dad: “Instructions are: You fix it, I will eat it”. No, she doesn’t really have to ask for his instructions on what to fix for breakfast. She doesn’t even have to fix breakfast, but she does because she loves my dad and wants to fix what he would like.

To top that off, my dad is one of the easiest men to please when it comes to eating. He can be happy with a bologna sandwich and chips or a steak and baked potato. He can eat just about anything. Even Liver and Onions! We all three love that! Mom and I kid around about how we have to clean the refrigerator out pretty regularly because, we say, he would eat things in there that had mold on them even! YIKES!!! He just scrapes it off and eats what’s underneath… well, that may be stretching it a little bit, but he is very easy to please.

Also, my mother… she is one wonderful lady. She is a very easily pleased lady, as well. She is a quiet, unassuming and very loving and caring lady … really both of my parents are very loving and caring. Mom is a survivor for sure, too! SheMOM AND DAD 2 has been through the ringer at least 2-3 times in her 86 years and she keeps bouncing back, or God keeps giving us more time with her and we are ever so grateful!

The two people that had that wonderful little dialogue are so very special to me and many, many others. They have touched lives as they have traveled along theirs. The lives are really too many to count. From Vacation Bible School to Sermons on the Good Shepherd, leading the Youth Group from church to witnessing at the jail for 10 years and so much more. These two people have placed God in the center of their life and marriage and it has flourished – their love for God and each other and for their fellow man.

I just want to say thank you, mom and dad, for all you have done and I don’t think I say it enough. You two are my rock! You are my wonderful parents and I love overhearing all of the little conversations in our home, each and every one of them. It makes our home a home. A loving, warm and welcoming place for others to come and join us in life. We may not have a big, fancy house, but the one we have is a home full of love. We keep the Main thing the Main thing – Love God, Love People. That is the main thing. God will bless and even allow you to experience miracles in your life if you do this.

Another way to look at this phrase … at least the first part… or put it all together and change it up just a bit… and let’s tell God that…  “I am waiting on my instructions, God.  You say it and I will do it.”  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful conversation to have with God?  God loves us so much that He would delight in that opening sentence to a conversation with Him.

We, as Christians, should be willing to say those words to the Creator.  The One Whom all things exist from and Who holds it ALL together, knowing He would never ask us to do something that would harm us or be detrimental to us in any way.  He loves us so much!

Psalm 25:4-5

 Show me Your ways, O Lord;
Teach me Your paths.

Lead me in Your truth and teach me,
For You are the God of my salvation;
On You I wait all the day.

Now… for the second topic I wanted to cover in this post… I know it is a strange combination and I thought of doing them as separate posts, but felt led to do them together because of the connection. The miracle of two folks staying together 67 years in spite of all the life things that could have torn them apart and the miracle of the Cicadas. Yep, you heard right… the Cicadas. I told you it was a strange combination. Read on to be awed by yet another wonder of our Great and Mighty God that created this magnificent world of ours.CICADA

Now, you hear them every summer. The trees sing with their song of courtship. In the heat of the summer the sound of the Cicada can be very loud and it gets your attention. I have always loved this sound of summer. It reminds me of sitting on the porch at my grandmother and grandfather’s house in Fort Worth.   We would sit out there in the early evening and drink a glass of iced tea or coffee and just sit and enjoy each other’s company. Then the singing would begin in the trees. You couldn’t really see what was making the noise but you knew there must be a lot of them to make that loud of a noise.

Also, there was always the brown shell left behind… but what kind of “bug” sheds their shell and climbs up in the trees and makes the wonderful sound?inspiredbyin Well, I have always called them katydids but those are a large kind of a grasshopper. The Cicada is different kind of “bug”, if you will. They are a very interesting and diligent little thing. The miracle of these little creatures is so fascinating. I think some of the Cicada’s song is a praise to its Creator.  Every being knows their Creator.  Jesus said that even the rocks would cry out if no one praised Him, so I believe that every creature has their own way of praising their Creator.

Luke 19:37-40

37 Then, as He was now drawing near the descent of the Mount of Olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works they had seen, 38 saying:

‘Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!’[d]
Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!”

39 And some of the Pharisees called to Him from the crowd, “Teacher, rebuke Your disciples.”

40 But He answered and said to them, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.”

The Cicada waits for just the right time to emerge and go through its ritual of finding a mate, laying eggs and then ending the cycle of its life.  It waited, did what it was supposed to do then went the way of everything else on the earth.  God is so awesome.

There has to be… as if I didn’t already know… there has to be an Intelligent Being that created all of this. He thought of absolutely everything and His creation is so magnificent that I get overwhelmed at its beauty and its … well, magnificence! God is so good and loves us so much to give us such a beautiful world to live in. As I have said before… He could have given us a black and white world and we would never have known anything different. But He didn’t … because He loves variety and color and … He loves us! So He gave us things like the Cicada to wonder about and to be in wonder of.  He calls us His beloved and He shows us in so many ways that He loves us!  We just have to take notice and thank Him for them.  God-god-the-creator-9773541-1013-803

Please take the time to watch this short documentary on this wonderful little wonder. You probably have an idea about them, but there is at least one thing in this short documentary that you may not know. Please watch and be in awe of our Creator and how the Plan of life for the Cicada is a wonderful one.

The Video – The Return of the Cicadas

This video is a song by Bryan Doerksen and it depicts the wonderful earth and various wildlife that definitely knows their creator. Enjoy!

The Song – Creation Calls  by Bryan Doerksen

The Video – Creation Calls by Bryan Doerksen



  1. What a positive way to start my day. I think it is wonderful the way you honor your parents and have taken to opportunity to share their great example with us!

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