In my last post, I was telling you that I would write a wrap-up story of Maggie May and so here it is.  I didn’t think it would take me this long though.

When I mentioned writing a wrap-up story about Maggie, I said something about the name of it would be “Maggie May – The Final Rest Of The Story” but I want to change that because it sounds as if she has left this earth.  So… I have renamed this The Wrap-Up Story for Miss Maggie so it sounds a bit better.

It has been a few weeks since I wrote about the little senior dachshund that I helped re-home to the panhandle of Texas (click this link to read the last post “MAGGIE MAY – THE REST OF THE STORY”).

Maggie is a beautiful 10 year old, senior, mini dachshund.  She is a little doll and I had the honor of picking her up and having her accompany me to Abilene to meet Cheryl with Dusty Puddles Dachshund Rescue.  Cheryl agreed to take Maggie into the rescue group so she could go to a foster home and then on to her forever home.  This is the freedom video… or the journey to Abilene video…

Trip to Abilene

Cheryl was going to be transporting her to Lubbock and then a foster was going to be taking her to Hereford, Texas for a little while until a forever home was found.

This video is at Maggie’s foster home.  She fit right in there and even was unwinding by playing fetch.

Maggie’s foster fun time

Well, it didn’t take long to find that forever home.  Cheryl told me about an elderly couple that always adopts senior dachshunds and have them until they pass.  This couple travels all over and always takes their babies with them wherever they go.  So they were supposed to have a meet and greet and then take it from there.

Needless to say … Maggie made a huge hit with the folks that wanted to adopt her.

Cheryl provided a text that the new mommy sent her….

“I just got this back from the Adopter.  “… Well she shared my fish and fries, ate all of my hush puppies, explored the backyard twice, guards the front door and barks to welcome whoever arrives, and is asleep in her bed right now. The doggie door is new and she’s not sure about anything that wants to push back.  Likes to look out and sniff the winds if you hold it open though. She has explored the house from top to bottom and stays near me so far. My daughter has gone after Marsha so we will see how sleepy meets energy. Maggie is a sweet gentle soul. She is going to be loved and spoiled so rotten.

And another…

From Adopter:  “Finding out our little Maggie has food issues. Need to give her room and a safe zone to her liking or may bite. Leash does not want or like. Will come when called if off leash but has donkey streak and all four planted on leash. Has a smile when sleeping now. Makes her wants known. And uses the doggie door on her own if she can’t talk you into opening the big door for her

Sweet most of the time but like most of her kind has a one track mind that will not derail under any circumstances.”

So as you can see… Maggie is living the high life now.  She is a typical Mini Dachshund with that “donkey streak” and she is now enjoying life with her new sister, Jackie (a standard black and tan senior) and her new mommy and daddy.  She travels and is living high on life!  AND NO BARK COLLAR AND NO KENNEL!

Here are a couple of pics of the new mommy and Maggie and her new sister Jackie.  Maggie is being held by her new mommy, Karen.  Jackie is on the right.  She is a standard size dachshund.  Picture1

I am honored that I had the opportunity to help re-home this little angel.

I am dedicated to doing all I can do to help the ones without a voice – shelter babies and the ones that just need a new home.  It may be only “sharing” on Facebook or networking a baby … but until I hit the jackpot or lottery – I will continue to do as I have done for 4 years.  Share, Share, Share and Pray, Pray, Pray and Cry, Cry, Cry and Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice… I just wish the rejoicing was more often than the crying.  But… all in God’s time.

Thank you for reading the story about Miss Maggie May.  She stole my heart that day that she and Zuckie and I went to Abilene.  I would loved to have had that little senior girl.  She is in a much better place now though. She will be so happy with those folks.   It will be time one day for me to get another, but right now, my Mr. Zuckie is relishing in the place of NUMERO UNO!  Here’s Zuckie in all his glory!  His eyes will melt any heart beyond repair!







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