I wrote this last year sometime and wanted to share with the readers of my blog. I wrote it in 2 parts at first but have combined both into one for this post. I have enjoyed writing and sharing God’s words with all of you. This is a great post and one I think you will enjoy … even if you have read it before. I am including 2 songs because I couldn’t decide which was most appropriate… because of combining, I have two different subjects… God’s wonderful creation and Living Water of Jesus Christ. Read on and enjoy!
We were driving along the highway to our final destination, which was miles away.  It was getting dark and we found ourselves in Nebraska when the sun set and still when the sun was long gone.  It began to get dark and darker.  About 10 pm it was just plain dark.  No city lights, not many car lights and the light of our headlights seemed brighter than usual because of the darkness that enveloped us out in the country.  We were on a mission to discover Yellowstone National Park but we were always on a journey to discover – period.  So, the suggestion was made to pull off the main highway onto one of the country roads and drive a ways down and stop the car, turn it off and just stand there and look up.  So this is what we did and Oh My Goodness!  What beauty and breathtaking awesomeness.  p712819798-3The stars and moon shone so bright it was so beautiful!  The Milky Way could be seen so plainly.  We stood there in the quiet stillness of the night and God’s vast beauty just soaking it in.  Oh how I wish I had known The Creator like I do now.  Nonetheless, He revealed His magnificence to us that night on that country road in Nebraska.  That was only the beginning of our journey and it got even better as we continued.  Later on in the trip, we found ourselves staring up at the huge magnificence of the Rocky Mountains and the refreshing sound of the running river below.  We experienced the wonderful awakening of the day in Custer State Park.  The gentle breeze rustling through the Aspen and Pine trees, and the low lying clouds on the tops of the trees as the morning came alive was one experience I will never forget.  We even experienced the wildlife of Yellowstone. 3 From the little chipmunk climbing up on our laps and reaching in our pockets for those desirable peanuts to the gigantic moose standing in the middle of a stream feeding on the bottom.  There were so many experiences and so many sites to see that it was the most memorable vacation I had ever taken.  God’s beauty is everywhere!

If you don’t do anything else today, tell God how wonderful His creation is!  He loves to hear us tell Him how much we appreciate what He has given us. 33101_web I will never understand how anyone… ANYONE could not see and proclaim the glory of God by looking at His creation!  It is simply and utterly amazing and beautiful!  I could go on and on about that… but I will leave it at that and ask you to reply to me in the days to come to tell me what you have stopped and admired and thanked God for in the beautiful earth that He has given.

The Song – How Great Is Our God – The Singing Men Of North Central Texas

In the Northern part of Yellowstone there are these natural hot springs that are fascinating.  There is one called Morning Glory Poolyellowstone-national-park-morning-glory-pool_jpgThis is a YouTube Video of it.  It is beautiful and one that I remember because of the colors that it has and the unmistakable shape that reminds you of a Morning Glory flower – one of my favorites. There are several hot springs up there but the one that is most popular is probably Old Faithful!  This also was a fascinating site.  This hot springs, as you may know erupts every 91 minutes which is why they call it Old Faithful… it always erupts every 91 minutes and is faithful to show its power every time. old-faithful-geyser_20423_600x450 It amazes many people that visit the area.  Some of the first visitors had this to say about it:.

In the early days of the park, Old Faithful was often used as a laundry:

Old Faithful is sometimes degraded by being made a laundry. Garments placed in the crater during quiescence are ejected thoroughly washed when the eruption takes place. Gen. Sheridan’s men, in 1882, found that linen and cotton fabrics were uninjured by the action of the water, but woolen clothes were torn to shreds.[6]

Well, as you know there is a comparison here too.  I know another “faithful” Spring.  The Spring of Living Water. LIVING WATER2 Jesus Christ.  He gives that Living Water that he told the woman at the well about.  It is also faithful to fill us up and satisfy us beyond our imagination.  It will wash us thoroughly clean but definitely not leave us “torn to shreds” as the Old Faithful geyser did to the early settler’s clothes in 1882.  It mends, heals and refreshes!  I love the comparison of Jesus as Living Water and you will never thirst again after drinking of His Spring of Life!  Listen to the song I have attached.  Michael_Dudash_Living_Water_700It is sung by Karen Wheaton and it is about the woman at the well.  Talk to Jesus about His Living Water.  He will gladly offer it to you and give you what you have longed for all your life.

The Song – Never Thirst Again – Karen Wheaton


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  1. We just returned from a trip to Cabo San Lucas for a wedding. The beauty of the clear, blue ocean water and powerful waves were magnificent. God’s presence is everywhere!

  2. I remember this from before and it’s even better than before. I love all the photos and links. Great job Leah!

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